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ClearCase ClearQuest Roadmap for Innovate 2013

Below you can find the full list of coming ClearCase ClearQuest sessions at Rational Innovate 2013 next week.

Bear in mind that some of the sessions are overlapping …

GoMidjets Roadshow ClearCase ClearQuest RTC

Sunday, Jun 2

Rational Voice (closed sessions)

Monday, Jun 3

  • 1:45PM: What’s New and Next in ClearCase and ClearQuest (CCM-1407)
  • 3:00PM: Three Evils of ClearCase (Ab)use (CCM-1159)

Tuesday, Jun 4

  • 10:30AM: Which SCM Tool To Choose: ClearCase, ClearQuest and RTC (CCM-2398)
  • 10:30AM: Case Study: Philips Healthcare Usage of ClearCase MultiSite (CCM-1380)
  • 12:15PM: Meet the ClearCase/ClearQuest team (BOF-2602)
  • 1:45PM:  Case Study: Implementing Lifecycle Management with ClearCase, ClearQuest and Jazz at ATOS (CCM-1389)
  • 3:00PM:  Case Study: Change Management for the State of Michigan “Bridges” welfare administration system with Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest (CCM-1983)
  • 4:15PM:  Case Study: ClearCase 8.0.1 ACLs rollout experience at Qualcomm + Deep Dive (CCM-1955)

Wednesday, Jun 5

  • 8:30AM:  Increasing Productivity and Predictability with Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management (LM-1236)
  • 8:30AM:  IBM Rational ClearCase 8.0.1 Performance Update (CCM-1980)
  • 10:00AM: Case Study: Efficient product line and product management with ClearCase and ClearQuest at Avaloq Evolution AG (CCM-1165)
  • 11:15AM: ClearQuest 8.0.1 Multi-Record Update + Deep Dive (CCM-1861)
  • 1:45PM:  Case Study: Rockin’ with ClearCase at Broadcom (CCM-1245)
  • 1:45PM:  Financial and Technical Benefits from a DevOps-based Solution at Itau BBA Bank (CCM-1430)
  • 3:00PM:  Case Study: Tactical Reporting at Wellpoint (CCM-1127)
  • 4:15PM:  Agile Development using the IBM Rational Clear Team Explorer + Deep Dive (CCM-1128)

Thursday, Jun 6

  • 11:00AM: ClearCase – CCRC CLI (rcleartool) and Deployment of CCRC WAN Server (CCM-2172)
  • 8:30AM:  Enhancing ClearCase and ClearQuest Environments with Rational Team Concert – Choosing the Right Integration Technology (CCM-1219)


GoMidjets Roadshow ClearCase ClearQuest RTC