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ClearCase and ClearQuest Sessions in IBM InterConnect 2017

ClearCase ClearQuest InterConnect IBM

IBM InterConnect is around the corner!

Below you can find the full list of upcoming ClearCase & ClearQuest sessions at IBM InterConnect 2017 taking place in Las Vegas on March 19-23.

  • 2424A: IBM Rational ClearCase: Roadmap Review and Client Priorities. This session will provide users of IBM Rational ClearCase with an update on the latest product roadmap, including an explanation of IBM’s development priorities and a discussion of client priorities


  • 2429A: IBM Rational ClearQuest: Roadmap Review and Client Priorities.  This session will provide users of IBM Rational ClearQuest with an update on the latest product roadmap, including an explanation of IBM’s development priorities and a discussion of client priorities


  • 5246A: HCL is Boosting Growth and Innovation for IBM Workload Scheduling and Automation? Have a Sneak Peek. Building on a history of collaboration between the two companies, HCL and IBM have entered into a 15-year partnership that takes the best of their shared knowledge and teaming experience to build industry-leading experience enhanced Automation and DevOps solutions. Come and hear about what to expect from the partnership, new value to be delivered to customers and hyper-care programs


  • 2412A: Introduction to HCL Technologies and the IBM Strategic Partnership Products
    This presentation will introduce HCL Technologies and the IBM Strategic Partnership that involves ClearCase, ClearQuest, Rational Application Developer, Rational Software Architect, Rational Testing Portfolio, and Tivoli Workload Automation products. We will describe the history of HCL and why this partnership is important to the vitality of the products in scope and how clients that use these products will benefit from it


  • 2766A: Refactoring of a Jazz/CLM/DevOps Infrastructure into a Private Cloud at Siemens
    Siemens Switzerland has operated a large Jazz/CLM infrastructure for the past five years. A growing user base and huge performance issues drove a redesign of the whole environment. The decision was made to migrate the current, bare-metal based infrastructure into a private cloud provided by ATOS. This talk will cover all topics pertinent to the successful migration: Redesigning and migrating the CLM infrastructure into the private cloud; migrating from WebSphere traditional to Liberty profile (learnings and configurations examples); implementing dual Active Directory forest support for CLM; migrating to Jazz Authorization Server (JAS) for CLM security; and single sign-on integration with IBM Rational ClearQuest

  • 5231A: IBM ClearCase: Beyond Version Management, a DevOps Enabler!
    For years, ClearCase has been a prominent name in software configuration management. Lately it has gained significant attention within the systems world with its seamless integrations with Cadence Virtuoso and National Instruments LabVIEW environments. The “Big and Important Question” that arises today is if ClearCase can go beyond what it already does best; i.e., configuration and version management. What role does it plays in continuous integration, continuous testing and managing infrastructure as code, eventually leading to continuous delivery? This talk will address these pertinent questions in detail, and showcase how ClearCase fits best within software and hardware worlds for their collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) needs


  • A6960: What’s New and the Direction for IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest
    Come hear how IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest continues to evolve and serve the needs of change and configuration management, with a focus on the new capabilities introduced in Version 9. We will also present our refreshed product roadmap, which has been revitalized by IBM’s strategic partnership with HCL Technologies


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