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ClearCase 9.0 is out!

ClearCase 9.0 windows console

ClearCase 9.0 was finally released last week, giving me the opportunity to install it, see how it works and make sure that our complementary add-on tools are working seamlessly with this brand-new version!

These are my insights so far:

  • Installing new VOB server and clients on Windows is quite easy and straight-forward.
  • You can also upgrade existing servers and clients (using the Installation Manager).
  • Releasing a new major version means that IBM supports this version for the next 5 years with an option to extend that support for an additional 3 years (8 years total).
  • I was able to integrate ClearCase 9.0 Windows client with Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015 (see a demo below).
    I also believe it’s possible to integrate v9.0 with earlier versions of Visual Studio
  • You need a valid subscription contract with IBM in order to download the latest version.
  • The following add-on tools work with ClearCase 9.0:
    1. ClearCheck (our comprehensive health checks for ClearCase VOBs)
    2. Visual Annotate (Stand-Alone Edition and our Visual Studio Extension)
    3. ALM Vitality (monitoring and alerting tool for ClearCase ClearQuest and Jenkins)
    4. R&D Reporter  (our reporting, charting and analytics tool for ClearCase and ClearQuest \ RTC \ JIRA)

As we learn how the new version works with Linux and UNIX, I’ll keep you updated both here on our blog and in our newsletter.

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Demo: Integrating ClearCase 9 with Visual Studio 2015