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New Slides: Challenges of Multiplatform Installers and Introducing InstallBuilder


This week we delivered a live webcast where Tamir Gefen (our CEO) and Zeev Tavor (our installer tools expert) discussed of the challenges of multiplatform installers which are important when you build a software tool for more than one operating system.
Zeev demonstrated InstallBuilder and compared it to InstallAnywhere and InstallShield.

The webcast was delivered in Hebrew but slides are in English! You can watch them now:

We at ALMtoolbox are experts of installer tools, inlucding InstallBuilder, InstallShield and Inno Setup.
We provide professional services and licenses and we can quickly build up an installer tool for you.
for more details contact us at installers@almtoolbox.com or call us +972.722.405.222


Full webcast is available here (in Hebrew):


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