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ALM Vitality v1.1 is Out! See What’s New for ClearCase, ClearQuest and Jenkins

We’re happy to announce the new release of ALM Vitality v1.1, our vitality monitoring tool for ClearCase, ClearQuest and Jenkins.

What is new in this version?

  1. We enhanced the email support with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).  We improved the security layer by adding the ability to configure sender details. Now, organizations that require user authentication can send and receive email notifications.
  2. We enhanced the email settings: now users will only receive email notifications when a test status is changed.
    All notifications are still visible in the ALM Vitality dashboard
    but one email notification only will be sent per warning or error.
  3. We enhanced the end-user dashboard and user experience. More information is now available on screen. See here:ALM Vitality monitoring for ClearCase ClearQuest Jenkins
  4. We enhanced the look and feel of the email notifications you receive.
  5. We enhanced the look and feel of the ALM Vitality configuration tool (“Settings Application” tool). It is now easier to add or edit information to the system.

If you wish to try the ALM Vitality in your environment, please send us an email to vitality @ almtoolbox.com will send you all of the details.

You can also watch a special webinar in which the product manager introduces the tool and explains how it works and why we made it (20 min.):

Concerned about your ClearCase Performance?

We are also moving forward with the development of our ALM Performance tool for ClearCase.
If you wish to participate in a one on one discussion about the upcoming tool, see what it will monitor; how we do it and even suggest what you think should be included in this tool, you are welcome to contact us (vitality @ almtoolbox.com) and we will schedule a meeting with the ALM Performance Product manager.