Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

DRP - Short for disaster recovery plan, a plan for business continuity in the event of a disaster that destroys part or all of a business's resources, including IT equipment, data records and the physical space of an organization. The goal of a DRP is to resume normal computing capabilities in as little time as possible.
A key to a successful DRP is taking steps to preventing the likelihood of disasters from occurring.
DRP is one of the aspects in which software development companies tend to ignore or decrease its importance.

We at GoMidjets are aware of this importance, and can offer you our knowledge and experience in the specific field of Rational suite, espeically ClearCase and ClearQuest. We work in following procedure:
Phase 1: Inspection and recommendations.
Phase 2: Recommendations Implementing

Please leave us your details if you want a price quote for phase 1.

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