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What is “Clean Code”?

Hear directly from Sonar CEO (author of SonarQube, SonarCloud and SonarLint) about what Clean Code is and why it is so important.

Watch Video (1 min):


What we have been pushing in the last 10 years now
is something which we call “Clean as you Code”
which is to say okay, if you have an approach
it’s very efficient on the quality side and it’s quite efficient
also on the security side.
If you have a code base and you put yourself on a mission to
solve it all
it’s an impossible mission.
You are going to have to stop your
entire dev team to to work for the
business you are just remediated you
might break things that people are going
to get bored etc so rather than doing
this what we do is
we recommend that the dev teams
the their objective is that any code
that they are going to touch is going to
be clean after

So whenever they change something whenever they add
something this is going to be clean.
So no security; no reliability; no maintainability issues
and when you do this because of the nature of software
which is you will keep changing software this is
really the nature of our industry right
and the beauty of modern software
development is that you don’t have to
wait for a period of time for a product
release you do not CI/CD

So because you do that you keep changing existing code
which means you are actually remediating the past.