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Vault HCP Cloud VS Vault Enterprise

vault enterprise vs HCP vault cloud

As you probably know, a few months ago HashiCorp started offering the popular Vault product as a managed service in the cloud (known as “Vault HCP” or Vault Cloud),
until then this had  only been offered as an on-premises product – Vault OSS and Vault Enterprise.

We recently (in response to questions from our customers) examined the differences between Vault HCP and Vault Enterprise, and here are the conclusions:

At this time, the Vault Cloud product managed by HashiCorp offers a basic capabilities set equivalent to the basic “Enterprise Platform only”, so the capabilities currently offered are:

Namespaces, Disaster Recovery, Monitoring Telemetry and Customer Support.

That means Vault Cloud does not offer the Governance & Policy capabilities offered in the Enterprise version; No Multi-Datacenter & Scale capabilities and no Advanced Data Protection.

We made a fully detailed sheet with all Vault Enterprise features and it can help you see what you would miss with Vault Cloud – (see our details below)

What does that mean? And what are the options available to you?

You actually have 3 options now when you are faced with implementing Vault:

  1. Manage your own Vault on-premises (self-hosted) – you can use Vault OSS or the Enterprise versions (by purchasing a suitable license).
  2. Vault Cloud HCP as a managed service of HashiCorp (under the restrictions listed above)
  3. Managed Vault by a 3rd-party (like us ALM-Toolbox). You can install it wherever you want. You can use the free OSS edition or the Enterprise version so that you can enjoy all the existing features.
We officially distribute HashiCorp in Europe and Israel.
We offer consulting, licenses, managed services, support and training for all 3 options above – you can contact us: hashicorp@almtoolbox.com or call +972-722-240-5222 or 866-503-1471 (USA)
This post was written with the assistance of the HashiCorp team – thank you! 


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