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New Recording: Secure your Code by Mitigating Open Source Risks with Fossa

Using open source is an inevitable part of modern development work.

On Feb 21st we hosted Fossa company to discuss different aspects of open source risks
and how to avoid vulnerability risks, supply chain risks and illegal usage of open source code.
Webinar is free of charge.

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Secure your code by mitigating open source risks

fossa sca webinar

Fossa offers vulnerability management, license compliance, container scanning, SBOM more – even on on-premises and air-gapped (disconnected) environments.
It’s a smart SCA (Software Composition Analysis) solution.

Watch our Webinar where we introduced Fossa and demonstrated the solution


  1. Brief overview of open source challenges and risks
  2. Fossa Demo
  3. Fossa Specific Information
  4. Questions and answers
  5. Quick demo: How to run Fossa

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    What you will gain by the end of the webinar:

    1. More knowledge: Open source risks; vulnerabilities ; license compliance; What is SBOM
    2. Best practices of protecting your application of using open source

    Who joined the webinar?

    Developers, R&D managers, DevOps experts, Security experts, CISOs and Architects

    Who delivered the webinar?

    1. Carlos Cheung, Founding team, Fossa
    2. Tamir Gefen, ALM-Toolbox

    ALM-Toolbox company is a partner of Fossa.

    ALM-Toolbox provides ALM, AI and DevSecOps professional services, support, private /public cloud hosting, training and licenses for many DevOps / ALM toolset including git, GitLab, Kubernetes, Docker, SonarQube,  GitHub, Jenkins, Jira, Terraform, HashiCorp Vault, Mattermost, Bitbucket, Sysdig, Fossa, ClearCase, ClearQuest and more.

    Contact us: fossa@almtoolbox.com or +972-722-405-222 (international) or 866-503-1471 (USA/Canada)

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