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Newsletter June 2015

Summer vacations are almost upon us, and we have some interesting news and a limited time offer.


We have a new name: ALMtoolbox

We have renamed our company  to ALMtoolbox, since at the end of the day we provide a variety of solutions and tools centered around ALM, which stands for Application Life-cycle Management. We are working on new tools and solutions – stay tuned!

Special discount until the end of June

To accommodate those companies who have a fiscal year coming to a close we are offering everyone a 10% off discount until the end of June.

To take advantage of this special, place your order before   06/30/2015  

This is your chance to purchase our ClearCase add-on tools at a discount and make the most of your budget. This applies to:

  • Visual Annotate – track your code history in a visualized way
  • R&D Reporter – real-time development status reports, metrics and charts for UCM users
  • ClearCheck – Continuous health checks and proactive support for ClearCase VOBs and servers
  • ClearEnv – Quickly setup complex work environment for UCM

To receive a quote, please send an email to sales@almtoolbox.com and specify the relevant tools and the number of users who need them.

Note: discount applies to new purchases of licenses only (not for renewals)

What’s new in Visual Annotate?

We recently extended this tool and enhanced the user interface with new features, including auto-complete; “Go to Line” feature; new marker to see correlation; new “real change” information to explore the code more rapidly and more. Click to learn more.


New webinar: Developing effectively with ClearCase

As part of releasing the latest version of Visual Annotate, we delivered a training webinar on how to develop effectively with ClearCase and quickly get answers to common questions like who checked-in a particular file; when; by whom the change was really made; how to detect removed lines and more. The webinar was recorded and it’s available here. You can also see the slides here.


What’s new in our ClearCheck, our health checks solution for ClearCase VOBs

For ClearCheck 2.9.7, we updated the internal knowledge base used to detect errors within ClearCase VOBs, and we also fixed some bugs with the ClearCheck software (click here to see an example of the nightly report generated by ClearCheck).


Coming soon: R&D Reporter 5.0

We’re extensively working on enhancing R&D Reporter – soon we’ll release V5.0, including support for Linux and UNIX; Base ClearCase users; a new analytics module; new “Extended View” report and many new filters, charts and other features. Stay tuned and join our beta program at beta@almtoolbox.com


New: ClearCase – Bamboo Integration

Recently we’ve had the chance to develop a connector between ClearCase and Bamboo (by Atlassian) for Continuous integration \ DevOps for a customers who preferred Bamboo rather than Jenkins. This connector applies the following:

Get a ClearCase UCM baseline and test its content.

If tests are passed successfully:

  1. Promote the UCM baseline and recommend it 
  2. Document the changes (using R&D Reporter add-on tool)
  3. Notify Bamboo if tested passed successfully or not, and send email accordingly

For further details please contact services@almtoolbox.com


What’s new with ClearCase?

  • ClearCase Snapshot views are now supported in ClearTeam Explorer
  • V8.0.1.7: A new view type, “Automatic View” that merges the benefits of dynamic views + web views. We’ve already tried it and it works well for us, and we also help customers to install and customize it.

Do you need ClearCase licenses or renewals? Contact us: sales@almtoolbox.com


New article: How open source affects your ALM \ SDLC

Learn how open source can affect your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): click here