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ClearCase, ClearQuest and RTC Sessions in IBM InterConnect 2015

InterConnect GoMidjets

Below you can find the full list of upcoming ClearCase, ClearQuest & RTC sessions at IBM InterConnect 2015 taking place in Las Vegas on February 22-26.

During the conference, you can schedule a private meeting with us and see a demo of our latest add-on tools for ClearCase ClearQuest & RTC. Click here to setup a meeting.

  • What’s New and Next in IBM Rational ClearCase and ClearQuest? – 1653A
  • IBM ClearCase and ClearQuest through the ClearTeam Explorer – 5816A
  • Leveraging Rational ClearCase with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery at N-Trig – 4689A (delivered by GoMidjets CEO)
  • A New High-Performance View for Rational ClearCase Remote Client: Beta Experience at Atos – 3201A
  • ClearCase Change Management Integration with ClearQuest and Rational Team Concert at Boeing – 1227A
  • Globally Distributed Development with ClearCase Remote Client Using Automatic Views – 5897A
  • How Qualcomm Manages Complex Hardware Development with Rational ClearCase UCM – 5839A
  • Rational Team Concert Users, ClearCase/ClearQuest Users, Synergy/Change Users: Meet the CCM Experts! – 6048A
  • IBM Rational ClearCase Performance and Deployment Update, and Deploying ClearCase in the Cloud – 1849A
  • Rational ClearCase Deployment and Performance – 6052A
  • (Ab)using ClearCase to Visualize Code Walkthrough Status and Design Object Relationships at Airbus – 1436A
  • Rational ClearCase VOB ACLs in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Plus ACL Tips and Tricks – 2060A
  • A Deep Dive Into What’s New with Rational ClearQuest – 1961A
  • Migration to Rational Team Concert at a Global Electronics Manufacturer – 2441A
  • IBM Rational Team Concert Quick Planner User Feedback – 5984A
  • What’s New and Next with IBM Rational Team Concert? – 5608A
  • Visteon’s Worldwide Agile and Continuous Integration Adoption, Enabled by IBM Rational Team Concert – 2923A
  • Improving Rational Team Concert Performance with WebSphere’s Dynamic Cache Service – 3166A
  • The Continuing Journey of Agile Transformation and Rational Team Concert Implementation at Forrester – 4904A
  • How Bosch Uses Rational Team Concert SCM in the Reuse-Driven Automotive Industry – 2732A
  • Saving MIPS and Money: Groupama Insurance’ Migration from CA Endevor to Rational Team Concert – 2354A
  • DevOps Steer: Agile Planning and Tracking with Rational Team Concert – 2848A
  • How to Manage Conflicting Source Code Changes Across Rational Team Concert Work Spaces and Streams – 4945A
  • Managing Reuse and Product Line Engineering with Rational Team Concert – 3650A
  • Keeping Code Secure with Rational Team Concert – 4764A
  • A Worldwide Agile Adoption with IBM Rational Team Concert for Automotive Electronics – 3296A
  • An Enterprise SAFe Baseline Using Rational Team Concert: Myth or Reality? – 4151A