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Accelerate your development process with ClearCase

Be more agile. Be more productive. Get real-time status and deliver on time

Productive Swimming

Do you want to be more agile and productive with ClearCase?




Use ClearEnv (https://www.almtoolbox.com/clearenv) to easily create complex work-environments that integrate with ClearCase, including central management and better control. The Created work-environments can also support agile methodologies and policies.

Use R&D Reporter (https://www.almtoolbox.com/rnd) to create real-time reports and charts. The more you adopt agile, the more change iterations you have to apply and the more change tracking you have to manage. This tool also supports the automatic “Release Notes” documents, Continuous Integration and many other functions.

Use Visual Annotate (https://www.almtoolbox.com/annotate) to discover the root cause of bugs (in code-line resolution!) and to provide a better code review: find which version a bug (or enhancement) came from, who made it and when. you can also analyze which other codes and releases are affected by these changes.

This tool-set helps you increase productive by saving time and reducing development risks.

To learn more about our Agile solution for ClearCase, watch the following slides and read an article about Agile CM for ClearCase.

Do you use ClearQuest, RTC and HP Quality Center? Our solution can help you even more!

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