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CompBL has surpassed 500 downloads!

CompBL, the freeware utility which compares ClearCase baselines easity, today exceeded  500 downloads. In the last 7 months  it is being downloaded by 25 users a week on average,and we’ve counted 500 unique downloads so far. We plan to add more features to this utility soon.

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Take ClearCase Add-ons for a “Test-Drive”!

Recently, We’ve finished the development and testing of new complementary products for ClearCase and ClearCase UCM. These products automate some ClearCase processes, suitable for all operating systems (Windows, UNIX and Linux) and can make your life easier 🙂 If you’d like to join this beta offering and get some benefits in return, please leave us […]

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New version of CompBL (v1.1)

CompBL is a freeware that enables you to compare two ClearCase UCM baselines. A few minor bugs are fixed due to comments by users. Take it from here, or just view all utility details here . BTW: The utility has a new package. Now its installation is much easier.

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