Avoid ClearCase downtime, corruptions and errors

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Avoid ClearCase downtime, corruptions and errors

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ClearCheck is a comprehensive solution that provides preventive maintenance for ClearCase VOBs and environments. It detects database corruption, files inconsistencies, locates inconsistencies within and between VOBs, detects when VOB storage is going to be filled up and more. It also provides advice when one of these events occur so you can quickly fix it and focus on development and software delivery.

ClearCheck monitors the health of ClearCase databases so your R&D teams can work without interruptions or downtime.

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Watch a video about potential failures in Rational ClearCase and about our solution

In this video we discuss the touchy issue of potential failures in Rational ClearCase and their implications for the organization. After we tell you the bad news, we suggest a way to avoid such problems and keep ClearCase alive and kicking.

There are many reasons why systems fail. ClearCase is a robust and complex system that has many environmental dependencies. For example, an electrical outage could result in a loss of data affecting a specific version of an element. While not immediately apparent, vob corruption can grow over time until one day ClearCase stops working.

Based on our’ experience in fixing ClearCase failures it takes at least a day, and sometimes more, to get the system fully functioning again. It can take hours just to isolate the cause of the failure and identify that ClearCase is the root of the problem. Then the ClearCase repository needs to be fixed (or else restored from a backup). If the ClearCase repository is corrupted, it can hours or even days to repair.
This means that developers may loose access to the source code repository, causing development schedules to also be delayed, which obviously can impact the deadline. Developers need reliable and uninterrupted access to the source code repository. The cost of preventing repository corruption is very low. Fixing a problem immediately after it occurs is also relatively inexpensive. Having your entire team loose access to the source code repository can be very expensive in many different ways.

So why ClearCheck?

  1. Significantly reduce risks of ClearCase corruptions and downtime
  2. Protect R&D’s Most Valuable Asset
  3. Graphically -based console, very easy to use
  4. Actionable and legible reports. See examples:  PDF  and  HTML
  5. An internal knowledge-base that collects information on what can go wrong with ClearCase and what to do about it
  6. Software support & ongoing updates
  7. Better performance and applying ClearCase and IT best practices
  8. Giving advice and problem solving
  9. Save Time on routine tasks
  10. Scan many VOB servers simultaneously and get ONE integrated health status report for all VOB servers
  11. Smart integration with backup processes
  12. Mature product that have been used by hundreds of ClearCase users

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