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Developing effectively with ClearCase

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions? Who checked in a certain code line? Who removed a code line or an entire function? Where a change really came from? Which defect is related to a certain code line When was a particular line inserted? How can I find the lines which have […]

Using Visual Annotate with ClearCase: Join our training webinar

Last week we released Visual Annotate v3.6 . As part of the release, we are offering a free training webinar to show the users what’s new and give an updated overview of this tool. Visual Annotate is a lightweight tool that tracks the development history from the code lines perspective, helping you to quickly detect […]

Save the date: Jenkins User Conference 2015

  The JUC brings Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) Server experts and community enthusiasts together for an invaluable day of Jenkins -focused learning and networking opportunities. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of Jenkins (formerly Hudson), will be The guest of honor at the event. The conference will be held on July 16, 2015 at the David InterContinental, […]

New: Visual Annotate 3.6 is out!

We’re proud to announce the new version! Visual Annotate helps you drill down into the history of any code line in a file within ClearCase. This tool can be very useful for saving the time and effort of developers, system integrators and release managers who work with ClearCase. The tool is provided with a floating […]

New ClearCase Survey: Participate in and you could win a $50

  Participate in our survey and you could win a $50 donation to your preferred charity organization! As you may know, we supply add-on tools that provide development insights and analytics for many ClearCase users (see R&D Reporter and Visual Annotate). Over the last few years we have provided “Lines of Code” metrics, reports and […]

What’s new in ClearCheck 2.9.7?

ClearCheck 2.9.7, our comprehensive health checks monitoring tool for ClearCase, is out! For this release, we updated the internal knowledge base used to detect errors within ClearCase VOBs, and we also fixed some bugs with the ClearCheck software (click here to see an example of the nightly report generated by ClearCheck). Fixed issues: We fixed […]

Participate in ClearCase and ClearQuest Surveys and Influence future releases!

Your voice counts! Participate in these ClearCase and ClearQuest Surveys and Influence future releases! IBM plans updated releases of ClearCase ClearQuest for years to come and is now gathering feedback from worldwide users regarding what the community would like to see in future releases. Would you like to influence with which platform ClearCase and ClearQuest […]

Coming soon: Extended View report for ClearCase users (UCM and Base)

We will soon release a new query type as part of our R&D Reporter add-on tool! The new query gets a view path as an input, and provides an extended report of the content of the entire view. See a screenshot: This new report provides extended capabilities far beyond just providing the data like in […]

How Visual Annotate for ClearCase can help you on daily tasks? See some usages and examples

See some usages that can help you on your daily tasks: 1. Quickly find out who checked-in a certain code line, when, and on which version: This feature is particularly useful when you have dozens or hundreds of file versions and you can’t readily open the Version Tree for each one and quickly ascertain into exactly which one of the many existing versions your ”target” code […]

Following IBM InterConnect 2015 at Las Vegas

Had some great meetings with the ClearCase ClearQuest executives during IBM InterConnect in Vegas. We demonstrated our latest add-on tools for ClearCase & ClearQuest. At our last meeting we took a group photo: In picture (right to left): Peter Hack – ClearCase chief architect Kathy Parks – upcoming CC CQ product manager Adam Levensohn – […]

New webinar!Visual Annotate Webinar

Track ClearCase history from the code line perspective

Last week we released Visual Annotate v3.6 add-on for ClearCase. As part of the release, we are offering a free training webinar to show the users what’s new and give an updated overview of this tool.

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