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ALM Vitality v1.2 is Out! See What’s New for Jenkins, ClearCase, and ClearQuest

We’re happy to announce the new release of ALM Vitality v1.2, our vitality monitoring tool for Jenkins, ClearCase, ClearQuest: What is new in this version? We enhanced the monitoring over Jenkins: now you can monitor the all the following applicative and IT resources. On the application side, it monitors the following for each master and […]

LIVE Demo: Monitoring Vitality of Jenkins, ClearCase and ClearQuest

I’m happy to announce the release of our ALM Vitality v1.2. This tool continuously monitors Jenkins, ClearCase and ClearQuest and gives you smart alerts and notifications about the current state of your critical systems. We created this tool based on requests from many ClearCase ClearQuest and Jenkins users who want to gain better control over […]

ALMToolbox Newsletter February 2016

The past year was a great year for us, and we keep investing in developing new add-on tools and extending the ALM tools we support! See our new tools and our upcoming tools below. We also extended our team of experts who provide professional services. We’d be glad to help you with any challenges you […]

ALM Vitality Monitoring: Sharing Insights and what’s in it for you

Vitality Monitoring ClearCase ClearQuest Jenkins

It has been 6 weeks since we released the first version of ALM Vitality, so now is a good time to share a few insights we’ve received from our ALM Vitality users. We will also share what is new in ALM Vitality and show how you can benefit from the application growth. Here is the […]

Is using ClearCase Version Tree like searching for a needle in a haystack for you?

  Do you sometimes have to find out where a certain code line was really changed (and by whom) and feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack? Does that cause you to avoid using the ClearCase Version Tree and History tools as a result? If so, try our new solution that quickly […]

ALM Vitality v1.1 is Out! See What’s New for ClearCase, ClearQuest and Jenkins

We’re happy to announce the new release of ALM Vitality v1.1, our vitality monitoring tool for ClearCase, ClearQuest and Jenkins. What is new in this version? We enhanced the email support with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).  We improved the security layer by adding the ability to configure sender details. Now, organizations that require user […]

New Video: Introducing Visual Studio Extension for ClearCase

Watch our new video: (Subtitles are available in English, German, French and Russian) Click to learn more and to download the tool

ClearCase and ClearQuest Sessions in IBM InterConnect 2016

IBM InterConnect is around the corner! Below you can find the full list of upcoming ClearCase & ClearQuest sessions at IBM InterConnect 2016 taking place in Las Vegas on February 21-25. ClearCase Automatic Views on the Road to Production (PAD-4018) Deploying a High-Performance Enterprise DevOps Environment with Cloud Build Capabilities at ASML (PAD-1681) IBM Rational […]

Our Extension for Visual Studio and ClearCase ClearQuest v1.5 is out!

We’re happy to announce the release of v1.5 of our Visual Annotate extension for Visual Studio and ClearCase. Click to download this tool See what’s new: An important new feature called “Get Real Change” which enables you to determine where this line was REALLY changed for the first time, by whom, when, why, etc. To […]

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Live Webinar: How to monitor your Jenkins, ClearCase and ClearQuest servers

Join our webinars on Wednesday 2/17 and learn how to gain control over your DevOps toolset