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Meet ALMtoolbox in London on November 25th!

London ClearCase Jenkins

Our company has been chosen by the UK Rational User Community to present a case study on utilizing Continuous Integration with ClearCase and Jenkins (see agenda and reserve your seat here). This could be your chance to get a private demo from our head of development about our add-on tools for ClearCase and ClearQuest, including […]

ClearCase, Jenkins and CI: Join our session at the UK Rational User Group

Join us on 11/25 in IBM Southbank London for an interesting case study on Continuous Engineering with ClearCase and Jenkins in the UK. Click here to register (Space is limited). If you have experienced any ClearCase challenges, this mini-conference offers an opportunity to schedule a private meeting with our manager and see some of our […]

IBM Rational Renewals

  Is it time for you to renew your IBM Software Subscription and Support? See our unique proposal, including free add-ons as a bonus for you: >>> See our proposal    

Product Review: Radmin

As part of a review of utilities for developers and ALM specialists, I’d like to give a brief overview of Radmin (, a remote support software, since I worked with Radmin for many years. In many situations Radmin runs faster than Microsoft RDP, and I find it more convenient for sharing screen than Skype, Team […]

New: Visual Annotate extensions for Visual Studio and Eclipse

We are happy to announce the new Visual Annotate extensions for developers who work with ClearCase and Visual Studio or Eclipse (on Windows or Linux). These extensions enable you to discover critical information for each code line without leaving the editor: when it was checked-in and by whom, which version and branch or UCM stream […]

New performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is coming soon!

Note: we have a quick survey with 2 questions at the end of this post. Your feedback is important and highly appreciated! Click to jump to the questions We’re happy to announce that a new performance monitoring tool for ClearCase is currently being developed. It will be able to monitor your entire ClearCase deployment, including servers […]

ClearCase users, we need your help

If you recently evaluated our Visual Annotate add-on tool, we’d like to ask you two quick questions that can help us improve this tool. Background: Visual Annotate is currently provided as a stand-alone application that is seamlessly integrated with ClearCase (you can see here an example how it looks like). The questions are: Would you […]

Newsletter June 2015

Summer vacations are almost upon us, and we have some interesting news and a limited time offer.   We have a new name: ALMtoolbox We have renamed our company  to ALMtoolbox, since at the end of the day we provide a variety of solutions and tools centered around ALM, which stands for Application Life-cycle Management. […]

How Can Open Source Affect Your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?


Without Open Source components it is hard to imagine building commercial software. In fact, a recent survey found that almost 80% of companies use open source components in their software (1). Unfortunately, another survey reveals a startling statistic: more than 50% of companies do not have a formal policy or procedures in place for managing […]

Developing effectively with ClearCase

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions? Who checked in a certain code line? Who removed a code line or an entire function? Where a change really came from? Which defect is related to a certain code line When was a particular line inserted? How can I find the lines which have […]

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